Biodegradable Products

In an effort to help reduce landfill, Partyware is committed to sourcing new options in party that are recyclable or biodegradable. We are proud of our new biodegradable ranges in sugar cane and palm leaf. Our palm leaf plates are also microwaveable for up to 2 minutes!!

Burger Box (50) 105x102x85mm

BXBURGERDimensions: $33.92

Earth Palm Plate (1) - 300x300mm

AL07Dimensions: 300x300mm $28.00

Family Box (50) - 290x170x85mm

BXFAMILYDimensions: 290x170x85mm $160.06

Regular Box (50) - 170x90x84mm

BXREGULARDimensions: 170x90x84mm $81.52

Large Box (50) - 204x108x84mm

BXLARGEDimensions: 204x108x84mm $89.33
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